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Yellow Sapphire

Stone Shape: Oval Stone Colour: Yellow Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj provide mental peace, courage, and happiness. It is a Ratna for planet Jupiter.
100% Certified & Natural Earth Mined Best Quality Genuine Yellow Saffire Gemstone.
Available in various Price Range Premium Quality- INR 60000 for 4.4 Carats Fine Quality- INR 30000 for 5.5 Carats

Buy Emerald

Premium Quality: INR 20000/5.5 Carats. Fine Quality: INR 7000/ 5.5 Carats
Premium Quality Naturally Mined Emerald or Panna, 100 % Certified Gemstones.
Stone Shape: Oval Stone Colour: Green Emerald is a gemstone for planet Mercury, enhances the business, intelligence, and creativity of a person.

Buy Pearl

Available In: Premium Quality: INR 30000 / 5.5 Carats. Fine Quality: INR 8000 / 5.5 Carats.
Stone Shape: Round Stone Colour: White, Pink (On-Demand) Carat (As Requested)
100% Certified and Genuine Pearl. Pearl is a Gemstone for Planet Moon It is given to those who have uncontrolled emotions and mind.

Buy CatsEye

Premium Quality: INR 50000 /5.5 Carats Fine Quality: INR 25000/ 5.5Carats
Stone Shape: Oval Stone Colour: Gray Other shapes on Round, Flat, and Oval is available.
100% Naturally Mined, Genuine, and Certified Catseye.

Buy Amethyst

Premium Quality: 2500/ 5.5 Carats Fine Quality: 1500/5.5 Carats.
100% Genuine, Naturally Mined and Certified Gemstone.
Stone Shape: Oval, Flat, Round Shapes Available. Stone Colour: Lilac

Buy Diamond

Premium Quality: 180000 Fine Quality: INR 60000 Diamond's price ranges Rs. 3000/Cent. Minimum Requirement goes up to 60 Cents.
100% original, certified, and Naturally Mined Diamonds. Exported from Overseas.
Stone Shape: Round Colour: White