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Vastu Tips: 10 Ways To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

Vastu Expert Acharya Pradip enlists ways to ensure your home radiates positive energy.

  1. Want to improve your relation with your partner? Bring a Rose Quartz and place it in the bedroom. The rose quartz will fill your house with love & peace.

2. Do you feel happy when you are staying away from home but you are annoyed at arrival?
– The main door of your house, windows should be in the east or south direction.
– Having open space around the house & if first rays of sunlight fall are believed auspicious.
– North & East side of your house should have maximum space Whereas, West & South should have the least open space.
– Water lines should be placed in North-East direction.
– The balcony should be in the south or East direction.
– The kitchen should be located in the southeast direction.
– Doors & Windows in south & west should be avoided, cover it with curtains, and It is auspicious if located in the north & east direction.

3. Dressing tables should be kept in the North or East direction either in the right or left side of the bed but make sure to cover the mirror so that your reflection does not appear when you are asleep.

4. Lighting camphor or sprinkling Ganga Jal along with saffron removes negativity from the house.

5. The bed should be in West or Southwest direction, it should be touching the south wall of the room. You should sleep by keeping your head on South direction and feet in North direction.

6. The study table or room should be placed in East direction. You should face east while studying and never place your study table in South direction.

7. Wall clock should always be placed in the North wall of the house. The painting placed in the walls should be related to beautiful scenarios, avoid Ramayan, Mahabharat, haunting animal Paintings in the bedroom.

8. Washrooms should be placed in South direction of the house.

9. The kid’s room should be located in the East North or West direction. Place idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati in the East direction of their room.

10. Always color your home with light shades, this keeps your mind peaceful. Avoid vibrant and dark colors brings negativity.

Relationship of Food & Astrology | What to Eat to Make Your Planets Stronger | How the Food You Eat Affects Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Do you know food has a lot to do with stars and planets of your horoscope? Do you know which food to consume or to cook on which day?
Food Astrology is about knowing the food habits of an individual according to the different zodiac signs. With the help of Food astrology or Vedic astrology, one can know how and which dishes one should prepare to please stars or change planetary movements or which ingredients are highly influencing your luck. Food Astrology can guide you to take the right and authentic food by which you can change your destiny.

  1. North or East direction is known fruitful while eating your food. Therefore always face North or East Direction for having your food.
    Note: Eating while facing West direction brings illness at home, and the west is considered inauspicious.

2. According to Vedic Astrology, one should always clean your hands, face, and feet before the consumption of food. It is also said that if your feet are wet while eating the food gives a long healthy life.

3. In Hindu Mythology, Goddess Annapurna is believed as a lady or goddess of Food. Her divine blessings give food to all the living beings, thus it is recommended always respect the food you are served and never speak ill about it otherwise you may suffer from poverty.

4. Consumption of food sitting in the ground is believed to be a good practice whereas consuming food in a standing position, at the bed, or taking food in a sleeping position is strictly advised not to follow.

5. Acharya says eating food in clean and beautiful crockery brings success in life. Broken or dented utensils are advised not to use.

6. House cooks should be clean and take a bath before they start cooking. One should never be sad or angry while cooking or this brings negativity to the one who is eating.

7. Vedic astrology suggests, To worship the cherished divinity and serve a part of the food on their name. Also, keeping the first cooked Chappati for the cow and the last cooked chapatti for a dog gives peace to planets of Rahu & Ketu.

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Covid-19 Global Pandemic-Astrological Prediction and Remedies

Covid-19 A Global Pandemic

Acharya has reviewed astrologically the time of America in the context of CORONA VIRUS is becoming bad to worse. The Sun is in the 7th house and is malefic as per question horoscope. The United States will have a tough time when it comes to the lives of people, obstacles from a different side. The disease becomes a disaster all around the Globe. Simultaneously incidents of natural disasters like fire, storm, earthquake can be expected because of the 7th House. Planet moon currently passing the 8th house will lead Humans to suffer from mental disorders and may have suicidal behavior, and because of an increase in the severity of the situation people’s evil nature will come into action, false propaganda from enemies will increase the difficulty of Government.

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2020 Horoscope| By Acharya Pradip

You will soon be stepping into the New Year 2020 and must be wondering what it will have in store for you. We at understand your concerns and excitement for your New Year forecasts and have been diligently working on providing you with the most accurate 2020 horoscope and astrology predictions based on your star sign. 


The year 2020 Aries Horoscope predicts that this year will be full of challenges and hard work for you and your relationship with your friends and family will improve during this year. You may start a new work in January or February but it will not come without struggle and hard work as Saturn will transit into the career house from your moon sign from 24th January 2020 says the Aries 2020 Horoscope.

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Improve Health by Astrology

Acharya Pradip has already described about Career Astrology and Here He is describing about How You can improve Health condition by Astrology. Acharya says that all the organs of our body are working according to Planetary condition of our horoscope. According to him Mars represents Heart, Sun represents Head & Eyes, Venus represents Kidney, Moon represents sense and water level , Jupiter represents liver and stomach , Saturn represent Blood and nerves , Mercury represent respiratory system. The planetary condition changes according to movements of planet in the horoscope and can be understand by Vimshottari Mahadasha Cycle and followed by Pratayantar Dasha Cycle[Vedic Astrology] which is changing according to Maha Dasha Cycle.   If the planetary Positions  are poor then it does not have bad effect on our fate only but also it will produce adverse results in our mind,body,organs and Health.We have to suffer from different type Health ailments and if it is good then we enjoy healthy life. As for example if the position of the Sun is not good then definitely it results for headache, eyes and teeth problems. If the Position of mars became bad it will effect on human heart. Heart failure, heart related disease has mainly generated because of adverse effect of mars. However definitely it required a detail analysis of individual Horoscope for calculation of particular disease of a particular person.

Details of Few Common Health Oriented Diseases with Planets & Recommendations for Gemstones:

  1. Dental Problem –   Person born in Aries, Taurus and Sagittarius are effected by adverse result of Planet in their Horoscope. For remedies they shall wear according to planetary requirement. For Saturn they shall wear gems i.e. Blue Sapphire, for Mars Red Coral and for Dragons Head [Rahu] Garnet.
  2. For Hair Problem – People are bald headed and many are having different type of hair problem which is generally because of unfavorable result of Venus or Jupiter. For Venus they shall wear Diamond or Zircon and for Jupiter can wear Yellow Sapphire.
  3. Weakness or disability – This is because of adverse result of the Planets on 8th,12th house and low power of Venus in the Horoscope. For this wear Red coral and Moon stone or Pearl.
  4. PYORRHEA – Adverse result of Moon generates PYORRHEA. For this wear Crystal or Moon Stone.
  5. LEUCODERMA – If Mercury connected with Rahu or Ketu it may produce leucoderma or white patches on human body. It’s remedy is Garnet for rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu.
  6. Leprosy – At the time of birth if Sun and Mars or Sun and Saturn are attached at any place of Horoscope it may leads to Leprosy. For first reason wear Coral and for second wear Blue sapphire.
  7. GOITRE – If Moon is connected with any planet present in 6th,8th or 12th house of horoscope it amounts to Goiter.
  8. T.B[Tuberculosis] – If venus is connected with any enemy planet and present in above houses it results to T.B.
  9. IMPOTENCY – If Venus is inauspicious it leads to impotency. For remedy wear Diamond.
  10. Heart Disease – Inauspicious result of planet in 4th house results heart disease. Wear Coral and supporting gems for get rid of this problem.

There are many diseases and there are numerous solutions. Acharya explained few for knowledge of general people, for improvement of health and people shall take his expertise. There are many Astrological reasons for which we become sick and died before living our full life. Acharya give full Astrological solutions to those who want lead healthy life.