Do you know food has a lot to do with stars and planets of your horoscope? Do you know which food to consume or to cook on which day?
Food Astrology is about knowing the food habits of an individual according to the different zodiac signs. With the help of Food astrology or Vedic astrology, one can know how and which dishes one should prepare to please stars or change planetary movements or which ingredients are highly influencing your luck. Food Astrology can guide you to take the right and authentic food by which you can change your destiny.

  1. North or East direction is known fruitful while eating your food. Therefore always face North or East Direction for having your food.
    Note: Eating while facing West direction brings illness at home, and the west is considered inauspicious.

2. According to Vedic Astrology, one should always clean your hands, face, and feet before the consumption of food. It is also said that if your feet are wet while eating the food gives a long healthy life.

3. In Hindu Mythology, Goddess Annapurna is believed as a lady or goddess of Food. Her divine blessings give food to all the living beings, thus it is recommended always respect the food you are served and never speak ill about it otherwise you may suffer from poverty.

4. Consumption of food sitting in the ground is believed to be a good practice whereas consuming food in a standing position, at the bed, or taking food in a sleeping position is strictly advised not to follow.

5. Acharya says eating food in clean and beautiful crockery brings success in life. Broken or dented utensils are advised not to use.

6. House cooks should be clean and take a bath before they start cooking. One should never be sad or angry while cooking or this brings negativity to the one who is eating.

7. Vedic astrology suggests, To worship the cherished divinity and serve a part of the food on their name. Also, keeping the first cooked Chappati for the cow and the last cooked chapatti for a dog gives peace to planets of Rahu & Ketu.

Astrological Relationship of Food & Planets

  1. Sun: Add Khichdi, Neem, Tulsi, Bitergaurd, Carrots, Areca Nut (Supari), and Jaggery to your diet will make the Sun of your horoscope stronger.
  2. For Moon: Addition of Banana, Milk, or Milk, Rock Salt related Products will remove negativity from one’s mind or heart.
  3. Mars: For people who have poor mars in their birth chart can start using Honey, Rice, Green chilies, Pomegranate, Red Lentils (Masoor Dal)
  4. Mercury: If your business or work is going down, you can add Jawar (Sorghum), Matar, Taro Root (Kacchu) Green lentils, or Green Vegetables, Payesh (Rice & Milk Porridge) to make planet Mercury happier.
  5. Jupiter: To increase your administration power, fame, popularity start eating Cardomom, Betal Leaf, Turmeric, Besan, yellow lentils, fruits, and Chana Dal.
  6. Venus: When Planet Venus is working low, food such as Triphala, Cinnamon, Ghee, Butter, Radish, Turnip, Sugar Crystals (Mishri) can be added in the diet.
  7. Saturn: When life is getting slow, being out of the track, loss of materials, pain in joints then certainly planet Saturn is malignant. To overcome these issues one can add Sesame seeds, Dates, Tal Mishri, Peanut oil, Black pepper, Split black lentils or Urad Dal, Pickles, & Black Salt to their diet.
  8. Rahu & Ketu: If you have extremely negative thoughts, getting lost in work, then add mustard oil, Ashwagandha, Shukta, Fried rice, Mixed vegetables, sesame seeds, Split black lentils to your diet.

Hope the above suggestions will help you fight with the astrological dilemmas.

If you want to more on food and planetary strength, follow the food & day combinations suggested by Acharya.

Sunday: Moong Dal, Chole
Monday:  Milk or Milk-based sweets
Tuesday: Porridge, Daliya, Churma or Halwa
Wednesday: Green Vegetables
Thursday: Curd, Yogurt, Buttermilk
Friday: Gram flour or Besan, Chana Dal 
Saturday: Split Black Lentils or Urad Dal


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