1. Coins are believed to be very important for economic benefits in Fengshui. Get three coins with holes, tied together with a red thread and attach the same to the complex keys.

2. According to Fengshui, the wall in front of the main entrance inside any business site is the prime area. The basic element of this site is a fire whose color is red, place a red zero watt bulb which is always switched on.

3. Never apply blue color photograph, water-based still image, or a blue wall at the prime site of your business, this may drain out lot of savings. Make it simple clean and light colors.

4. You can place a lot of fresh plants in front of your business site, this brings positive energy and enhances fame. Not: Never plant a Bonsai plant in front of your shop irrespective of how beautiful that appears. This can become an obstacle to your work.

5. Never hide your trophies, mementos, and achievements. Showcasing all your achievements increase your fame.

6. Keeping images of tall monuments, mountains increases the confidence of the head of the business.

7. Your work table should be a proper rectangular shape. Avoid tables with oval or circular shapes.

8. Avoid any parking lot in front of your business premise, this depicts hurdles in incoming offers.

9. Do make your entrance beautiful, doors sound free, opening in a clockwise direction. Don’t make toilets at the nearby entrance.

10. The head of the business should face east or north direction. Ideally, Vaastu says shops or business complexes facing east direction never closes.

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