Vastu Expert Acharya Pradip enlists ways to ensure your home radiates positive energy.

  1. Want to improve your relation with your partner? Bring a Rose Quartz and place it in the bedroom. The rose quartz will fill your house with love & peace.

2. Do you feel happy when you are staying away from home but you are annoyed at arrival?
– The main door of your house, windows should be in the east or south direction.
– Having open space around the house & if first rays of sunlight fall are believed auspicious.
– North & East side of your house should have maximum space Whereas, West & South should have the least open space.
– Water lines should be placed in North-East direction.
– The balcony should be in the south or East direction.
– The kitchen should be located in the southeast direction.
– Doors & Windows in south & west should be avoided, cover it with curtains, and It is auspicious if located in the north & east direction.

3. Dressing tables should be kept in the North or East direction either in the right or left side of the bed but make sure to cover the mirror so that your reflection does not appear when you are asleep.

4. Lighting camphor or sprinkling Ganga Jal along with saffron removes negativity from the house.

5. The bed should be in West or Southwest direction, it should be touching the south wall of the room. You should sleep by keeping your head on South direction and feet in North direction.

6. The study table or room should be placed in East direction. You should face east while studying and never place your study table in South direction.

7. Wall clock should always be placed in the North wall of the house. The painting placed in the walls should be related to beautiful scenarios, avoid Ramayan, Mahabharat, haunting animal Paintings in the bedroom.

8. Washrooms should be placed in South direction of the house.

9. The kid’s room should be located in the East North or West direction. Place idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati in the East direction of their room.

10. Always color your home with light shades, this keeps your mind peaceful. Avoid vibrant and dark colors brings negativity.

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