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Weekly Horoscope for Pisces

May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. While we are all experiencing areas of our life where things are curtailed and even if you are still working, from home or not, life is restrictive, you are in more need of embracing this, this week. Even if these were normal times you would have found that the wind has been taken out of your sails and there is desire to spend as much time in life’s slow lane as possible. The difference this time is that life is more likely to oblige. The “This time” here is referred to the last cycle of two year long mars cycle, where the passion, drives, and competitive spirit he filled your tanks with when he was last in Pisces is now all but depleted. This will change when mars returns with a fresh supply next Wednesday, giving you permission to hit the snooze button. Fortunately, there is little urgency anywhere, with the lunar nodes even returning to make work/life balance a priority from Tuesday, just two days before Thursday’s adventurous full moon.

Pisces, Horoscope For Tomorrow

May 09, 2020. You are real social butterfly but have perhaps neglected one or two relationships recently; you need to reconnect with these people and get in touch. The chances of resolving a dispute among family or friends for once and for all are high. You experience a remarkable period of agreement and unity that has a moderating effect on any future developments.

Weekly Horoscope For Sagittarius

May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. The lunar nodes are always in opposite so will always police a need for balance and that will be the same before and after they shift focus on Tuesday. What will change is the balance they will be policing, with and 18 month policing of a balance between money coming and going out ending when a north node leaves your financial sector and the south node your income sector on Tuesday. This will see any financial tension drop while allowing the money gods to shift all their resources onto the income side of the financial fence. Meanwhile, as the north node returns to your relationship sector and the south node to Sagittarius, the lunar nodes will shift to policing a balance between your personal and relationship needs. this comes as there is a growing amount of focus on your relationships but fortunately plenty of communication support. The South Node’s return to Sagittarius will also give you better access to the past, second chances, and untapped potential.

SAGITTARIUS, Horoscope For Tomorrow

May 09, 2020. Mutual goodwill is a decisive factor in helping you make an extremely good agreement which benefits everybody concerned. You’re able to demonstrate that you’re the right partner for such an agreement. How you achieve your part of the deal goes along way to deciding whether you’re able to make similarly beneficial agreement in the future.

Libra, Horoscope For Tomorrow

May 09, 2020. You are more relaxed than usual, which is in part because life is running smoothly, and other people are particularly friendly towards you. it’s equally due to a healthy attitude that you have. Give more attention to your friends and try to develop a new relationships. Importantly take advantage of opportunities when the arise.

Weekly Horoscope for Leo’s

May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. This week might see Leo business owners focusing on increasing their sales, overshadowing all other priorities. Those who are working in government opportunities might come across a lucrative opportunity this week, to make a long term deal. Employees in day jobs might be pressed for time, and their boss might push them for more work. Students in tertiary education may have razor-sharp attention and may see their progress rapidly move forward. However, those in higher education may need to be aware of distractions. This week may herald financial stability for the Leo. Entrepreneurs may need to focus on developing their endeavors. Lovers who are planning to get married might do well to wait. There may be some difficulties for already married couples, who might do well to practice restraint. Some cozy time spent together might go a long way in bringing lovers closer and dispelling harmony. This might be the ideal time to start a physical fitness routine. Beware of some unexpected injury that might occur during this period.

Leo, Horoscope For Tomorrow

May 09, 2020. You easily deal with others and respond naturally in an appropriate way, understanding their needs and requirements. whatever obstacle you face, you can tackle proficiently. People notice how much energy you have available, and propose a joint venture where there are possibilities to do well together.

Weekly Horoscope for Gemini’s

May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. When Mars returns to your career sector next week he will fire up your professional year, at a point when things are normally settling into a slower or more even pace. With a full moon in your work sector, this Thursday letting the ball rolling and Mars returning to your career sector just 5 days later, this is the shoot in the arm your professional year has been waiting for. The Moon will pass through a playful part of your chart, while Mars is spending his last week in an adventurous part of your chart.

A similar call for balance will begin on Tuesday when the lunar nodes begin a 20 month policing of your personal and relationship needs. They are doing this by injecting more energy and support into both fronts.