May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. The lunar nodes are always in opposite so will always police a need for balance and that will be the same before and after they shift focus on Tuesday. What will change is the balance they will be policing, with and 18 month policing of a balance between money coming and going out ending when a north node leaves your financial sector and the south node your income sector on Tuesday. This will see any financial tension drop while allowing the money gods to shift all their resources onto the income side of the financial fence. Meanwhile, as the north node returns to your relationship sector and the south node to Sagittarius, the lunar nodes will shift to policing a balance between your personal and relationship needs. this comes as there is a growing amount of focus on your relationships but fortunately plenty of communication support. The South Node’s return to Sagittarius will also give you better access to the past, second chances, and untapped potential.

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