May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. While we are all experiencing areas of our life where things are curtailed and even if you are still working, from home or not, life is restrictive, you are in more need of embracing this, this week. Even if these were normal times you would have found that the wind has been taken out of your sails and there is desire to spend as much time in life’s slow lane as possible. The difference this time is that life is more likely to oblige. The “This time” here is referred to the last cycle of two year long mars cycle, where the passion, drives, and competitive spirit he filled your tanks with when he was last in Pisces is now all but depleted. This will change when mars returns with a fresh supply next Wednesday, giving you permission to hit the snooze button. Fortunately, there is little urgency anywhere, with the lunar nodes even returning to make work/life balance a priority from Tuesday, just two days before Thursday’s adventurous full moon.

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