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Jagannath Rath Yatra 2020 | Rituals | Story | Significance of Lord Jagannath

Jagannath is a combination of two words, Jagat (Universe) and Nath (Lord). Therefore the word Jagannath means the Lord or Master of the Universe. Sri Jagannath Temple is a Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Jagannath. It is located in the coastal state of Odisha, Puri City. This temple is known as one of the 4 Hindu Dhams. This temple belongs to the Vaishnava and is dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu “Lord Jagannath”.

The annual Rath Yatra is a famous festival of Puri Jagannath. On this day, Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balbhadra and his niece Subhadra embark on a journey, seated in different grand and well-decorated chariots to their aunt’s place, Gundicha Temple. Gundicha Temple is occupied by images of the deities of Jagannath, his brother Balbhadra and neice Subhadra for seven complete days (total 9 days including the start and concluding day of Ratha Yatra) every year during the annual rath yatra festival.

RathYatra Rituals

1. Hera Panchami
A major ceremony celebrated in the Gundicha Temple during the Rath Yatra is on the 5th day of the Ratha Yatra also known as Hera Panchami. While Jagannath visits Gundicha temple, his wife Laksmi is left behind in the main temple of Puri. On Hera Panchami, the furious goddess Lakshmi arrives, in the form of the image of Subarna Mahalakshmi, at the Gundicha Temple. She is formally carried in a palanquin with much fanfare and welcomed and worshipped by the priests of Gundicha Temple, who take her to the sanctum to meet Jagannath. The husband and wife seat face-to-face on the porch in the sanctum of the Gundicha Temple. Lakshmi requests him to return home and Jagannath gives his consent by offering her agyan mala (a garland of the consent), which the goddess accepts and takes with her while the return to the main temple in the evening. Before returning to the temple, to vent her anger at being left out of the vacation, Lakshmi orders one of her attendants to damage a part of Jagannath’s chariot, the Nandighosha. This ritual is known as the Ratha Bhanga (the breaking of the chariot).

2. Dakshina Moda:
Dakshina Moda is a ceremony of facing south on Sasthi or the sixth day of Rath Yatra. The chariots of the deities are parked outside the temple, facing the main temple gate (western gate). In preparation for the return journey, the Bahuda Yatra, the chariots are turned to face towards the main temple in the southern direction and are parked near the Nakachana gate (eastern gate) of the Gundicha Temple through which the deities leave the temple. Devotees believe one can attain salvation by witnessing this ceremony.

3. Rasaleela
Rasa lila is described in Hindu texts like the Gita govinda, bhajans, bhagwat purana, as a night in Vrindavan when Krishna danced with his gopi-consort Radha and other gopis. The image of Jagannath is taken to the mandap (a temple hall) of the Gundicha Temple where hymns from the Gita Govinda are sung for the last 3 days of his stay in the temple. In the olden days, dev and devdasis sang the verses, which are now sung by the temple servitors.

4. Sandhya Darshan
As per tradition, during Jagannath’s stay in Gundicha temple, the kitchens of the main temple stop preparing bhog or mahaprasad (food offered to the deity and it is given to a devotee as the deity’s blessing). The Mahaprasad consists of rice, lentils, vegetables, etc. The kitchens of the Gundicha temple are repaired and food is cooked there to offer to Jagannath. The day of Sandhya Darshan, (evening prayers) the second last day of the festival is considered the most important day to have darshan of Jagannath. On this day, as thousands of devotees throng the temple to have darshan of Jagannath and partake of Mahaprasad.

5. Bahuda Yatra
The return journey of Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra to the main temple, after spending seven days in the Gundicha temple, is known as the Bahuda Yatra. The deities are taken in the same chariots in which they arrive, pulled by devotees back to the main temple. It is considered auspicious to get a glimpse of the deities on their chariots.

Covid-19 Global Pandemic-Astrological Prediction and Remedies

Covid-19 A Global Pandemic

Acharya has reviewed astrologically the time of America in the context of CORONA VIRUS is becoming bad to worse. The Sun is in the 7th house and is malefic as per question horoscope. The United States will have a tough time when it comes to the lives of people, obstacles from a different side. The disease becomes a disaster all around the Globe. Simultaneously incidents of natural disasters like fire, storm, earthquake can be expected because of the 7th House. Planet moon currently passing the 8th house will lead Humans to suffer from mental disorders and may have suicidal behavior, and because of an increase in the severity of the situation people’s evil nature will come into action, false propaganda from enemies will increase the difficulty of Government.

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Astrological Causes of Covid-19: Astrological Origins

Covid 19 is now a lethal pandemic. The outbreak of COVID 19 due to Coronavirus in Hubei, China is mostly due to the misadventure of Scientists against nature and atmosphere. Biological toxins, bacteria, viruses, insects have tremendous killing potential on living creatures mainly on humans. It is clear that Chinese people used to eat snakes, bats, insects, frogs, rats, donkeys, etc. When anybody kills animals for their eating they are just disturbing the ecology. There is an adverse effect on the environment as God created creatures to balance the ecology. Being human we can not do everything for fulfilling our greed. For any sin or wrongdoings, we have to pay for our lives. Countries used viruses as a biological weapon to gain a strategic and tactical advantage over the enemy either by threats or by actual deployment. To date, Coronavirus cases are 231362, and death toll is 9391.

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2020 Horoscope| By Acharya Pradip

You will soon be stepping into the New Year 2020 and must be wondering what it will have in store for you. We at understand your concerns and excitement for your New Year forecasts and have been diligently working on providing you with the most accurate 2020 horoscope and astrology predictions based on your star sign. 


The year 2020 Aries Horoscope predicts that this year will be full of challenges and hard work for you and your relationship with your friends and family will improve during this year. You may start a new work in January or February but it will not come without struggle and hard work as Saturn will transit into the career house from your moon sign from 24th January 2020 says the Aries 2020 Horoscope.

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The Ayanamsha

The zodiac that is used in Vedic Astrology, is very different from the one used in Western Astrology. The Vedic system uses the sidereal (fixed) zodiac, which is based on the actual positions of the stars. The zodiac used in Western Astrology is the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons and has in principle no particular connection with the position of the stars. The difference between the sidereal and tropical zodiac is called the Ayanamsha. In this century, the difference is around 23 degrees, less than 1 sign.

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Makara Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant)

Saturn may give Capricorn natives perseverance, a strong sense of purpose, and the ability to bear life’s difficulties with stoic calm. Capricorn natives are practical, ambitious, and responsible. They do not fear change and are flexible in their points of view. They are good at handling finances, and tend to be conserving. They are efficient and often successful in their undertakings due to their ability to work hard and remain focussed on the goals. Their practical aspirations that can lead them to great heights, although they may find little joy in their achievements. Their perfectionism may cause difficulties in marriage. At their best, they are philosophical and generous.

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Vrischika Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant)

What is Vrischika Lagna or Scorpio Ascendants in Astrology?

Scorpio Ascendants can be somewhat sarcastic and self-willed, though they may also become proficient in spiritual or occult arts, as well as more scientific concerns.
Though sensualists by nature, they are also good at controlling their instincts and disciplining
themselves. They love excitement and a challenge; they keep their own counsel and are not
easily influenced by others.
The following table shows how the 12 Bhavas (houses) are aligned with 12 Rashis (signs) for Scorpio.

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