Covid 19 is now a lethal pandemic. The outbreak of COVID 19 due to Coronavirus in Hubei, China is mostly due to the misadventure of Scientists against nature and atmosphere. Biological toxins, bacteria, viruses, insects have tremendous killing potential on living creatures mainly on humans. It is clear that Chinese people used to eat snakes, bats, insects, frogs, rats, donkeys, etc. When anybody kills animals for their eating they are just disturbing the ecology. There is an adverse effect on the environment as God created creatures to balance the ecology. Being human we can not do everything for fulfilling our greed. For any sin or wrongdoings, we have to pay for our lives. Countries used viruses as a biological weapon to gain a strategic and tactical advantage over the enemy either by threats or by actual deployment. To date, Coronavirus cases are 231362, and death toll is 9391.

Astrological Origins: Chinese COVID 19

As per astrology, the 8th house represents the cause of death. The ruler of the 8th house, as well as the planet situated in the 8th house, has a great impact. The other house also [ Ascendant] also indicates the time of death. It’s a degree, ruler of the ascendant, power factor also predicts the cause of death. The 4th house represents the end of physical existence on earth. The ruler of the 4th house involves the situation of death. The transit of planets, it’s progression direction, and particularly the cycle of VIMSHOTTARY MAHADASA [As per Vaidic Astrology]. Generally who born in any Mahadasa dies in his/her 6th mahadasa. But in the case of mass death [Global pandemic ], the cause of death indicates sin against nature. Truly the people who involved in the conspiracy, violence, crime against all living creatures, and willful act of sin they invite own destruction by the act of God. For small gain, they commit serious offenses resulting in huge loss of lives, economical crisis, and major catastrophic. The situation will be terrible and end by the death penalty. When people tortures and kills birds, mammals, humans, creatures they are being cursed.

Faulty eating habits grow toxicity in the human body. The regular use of poisonous food changes the DNA of humans. If we continue to eat bad food, our body cell will be changed. Some countries those used to it unnatural food their future body will be converted into the cell of the animals. Probably after 1000 years they are not human but converted into a wild animal. The responsibility lies on the ruler and people of that country who invites their own destruction i.e. China

As per Astrology the Jupiter planet rule on our stomach and respiratory system. Rahu [Dragon’s Head] is one of the major astronomical bodies having a shadow entity. A cruel combination of the above planets leads to serious diseases that take human lives. Generally above planet indicates that the place from where deadly virus [COVID 19]spread definitely by the act and prohibited experiment by the scientist. Hence Coronavirus can simply be called the Chinese Virus according to Astrology.

I have written an article about China in 2015 wherein I had predicted lower GDP in China by Astrology. Human greed, temptation creates unnatural happenings. Basically our body constitutes Five elements i.e Earth, Air, Sky, water, and fire. If any of the elements disturbed by any means it will disturb the living world.No one on the Earth is greater than God and no power can prevent Act of GOD. Science can invent anything but can not prevent death. Little knowledge is very dangerous for anybody and Human killing experiments shall not be allowed by any Government. Because it creates mistrust, loss of manpower, money, social boycott, etc.

Only Lord SHIVA [GOD SHANKARA] can stop premature death. Chanting of Maha Mrityanjaya [125000] mantra helps people. Start worship from Lord Ganesha, then Rudravisek of Lord SHIVA. End with havan of Jupiter planet. Finally, We should live and let live everybody. Be friendly and don’t make an enemy.

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