GDP Lower Know By AstrologyPresently there is a global GDP crisis, mainly affected area is Asia and most effected country is China. The GDP of China drastically gone down resulting slowdown of economy in China. The countries who has business with China they are also effected. Over the year there China has sustainable growth in GDP. But in 2015 huge decline in economy observed in China resulting uncertain future marketing, inflation and economic crisis . Overnight the Stock market fall down and become a disaster.

Economist analyzed different opinion for this crisis but I have analyzed this Astrologically and have other opinion. In any business there are two major planets are playing important role for smooth running of business i.e Jupiter and Mercury and off course support by other planets also. Presently both the planets are not in a good position of China and Saturn will also create different problems by which China will be under trouble for another two and half year.

Saturn is a planet which punish humans for their sins, corruption and evil work. Jupiter is a planet which gives positive energy for good work, friend ship and for all constructive work. Mercury is a planet which boosts trade, business, education and good bilateral relation with other countries. Any country when faces trouble in growth and progress and have sudden economic crisis, definitely the above planets produce negative energy by which the position of the country become bad to worse.

Saturn does not like wrong doings, corruptions and aggression. Jupiter does not like destruction and Mercury does not like war and unfair trade. The accumulation of wrong doings by any country or by their people generates huge negative energy by which the above planets create mass problem, economic crisis and slow down GDP. According to fundamental rule of astrology any country who fails to control over wrong doings, corruption, bad governance and unhealthy external and internal relation is always faces inauspicious results on account of planetary dispositions.

Meena (Pisces) Rashi
Vimshottari Dasha