The 12th sign is Meena (Pisces). Parashara describes Meena as follows:

“It resembles a pair of fish, one tailed with the head of the other. This rashi is strong at night. It is a watery rashi and is predominant with Sattwa guna. It denotes resoluteness and is related to water. It does not have a foot and has a medium build. It rules the north and rises with both head and back. It is ruled by Guru.”

Guru (Jupiter) is the ruler, and Meena is a dual, watery and female sign. Jupiter’s expansive qualities combined with the element of water, gives an association with large bodies of water.

The symbol is a pair of fish, swimming in opposite directions. The fish is characteristic of opposite directions contained within one quiet body of water.

People with a prominent Meena tend to have an idealistic and universal view on things. They are active on the outside, but peaceful on the inside. They can have a problem making up their mind, or change their judgment on things. They are attracted to spirituality for the promise of enlightenment. They can be sentimental, and very moved by women or beauty. They have an attraction to products from the sea.

Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi