There are numerous sorts of dashas pervasive for depiction of a horoscope. Sage Parashar propounds around 32 dashas. But the most mainstream dasha is Vimshottari Dasha. Alternate dashas in vogue are Ashttotari and Yogini.

Vimshottari implies 120. This is the aggregate years designated to every one of the planets speaking to 120 years of a full compass of man life. As indicated by Laghu Parashari, every one of the planets great or awful, when in their dasha and their own antardasha don’t give great or awful results as per their tendency. Planets in their dashas will give taking after results. Here Acharya is giving Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha.

Mahadasha of Sun: (6years)If Significations of Surya (Sun) Graha is great and benefic for the Lagna, Strong by sign, set in Trine, Kendra, or eleventh house furthermore very much put in Divisional Charts then individual will have addition of riches from Govt. alternately article related with Sun, loads of solaces, satisfaction, immaculateness of mind,High status in Govt. Getting Govt. vehicle, gets advancement, Birth of Son, Ministership, getting Govt. Influence, power, honor position, support from senior citizens, Get lands in sloping or woods areas, riches & notoriety, Prosperity to father and get friendship from his dad, great wellbeing and so forth.

While feeble, not well put Sun in sign, Divisional diagrams or PAC with malefic gives numerous agonies, loss of riches, loss of acclaim, influence, loss of certainty, sick wellbeing identified with Sun nature like body smoldering, epilepsy, coronary illness, eye inconvenience, skin sickness and so on, discipline from Govt. Depromotion in administration or loss of renown. Will be extreme anguish and threat from disguised riches, Arishtha for Father or ailment for self. It is separative nature Planet, when Sun, twelfth house ruler and Rahu/Saturn put joined impact on any house and its master then individual will be partitioned from the implication of that house.

Mahadasha of Moon: (10years):Moon is additionally a Lagna. It is along these lines critical in horoscope. Its quality is one fundamental component for thriving. On the off chance that Moon ideal for Lagna, Strong by sign, set in Trine, Kendra, or eleventh house furthermore set well in Division Charts then individual will have addition of riches from female, or article related with Moon, loads of solaces, propitious functions, movement, vehicles, child and gift of Goddess Laxmi,Mental satisfaction, bliss to or from Mother, Govt. support and so on. A vargottam moon gives a fruitful life..

It is by and large benefic yet when it is frail and set in awful house then it is malefic. Though feeble Moon will give inverse result. It will give mental unhinging, gloom, issue for mother, loss of riches and status. Time of Rahu/Moon or Moon/Rahu give stresses and if both are aspected by malefic then stresses are expanded.

Mahadasha of Mars:(7years):If Mars is positive for Lagna, Strong by sign, put in Trine, Kendra, or third, sixth, tenth, or eleventh house furthermore set well in Divisional Charts. at that point individual will have increase of riches from area, agribusiness, high position, gems, more youthful sibling, article related with Mars, bunches of solaces, great relations with co-conceived, Victory over foes, great ability to battle back or to benefit battle, course, red hot and brave nature.

While powerless Mars gives mischances, cut, harms, diseases,theft,burn wounds, surgical operations, blood infection,conflict with wife, epilepsy,arrogant. In Airy sign may bring about peril from tempest, air crash and so on. In moveable sign may bring about threat from vehicle mishap. In gritty sign may bring about risk from seismic tremor, mischances in mines, breakdown of house or fall and so on. In watery sign may bring about threat from suffocating, and in Fiery sign it may bring about risk from shoot, electric stun, weapon shot wounds etc.  loss of property, loss of employment, rash personality misfortune in suit or adversaries, sick wellbeing to sibling, misfortune from discharge.

Mahadasha of Mercury:(17years):If Mercury is positive for Lagna, Strong by sign, set in Trine, Kendra, or eleventh house furthermore put well in Divisional Charts then individual will have addition of riches from business, instruction, respects in games, distribution matters, or article related with Mercury, loads of solaces, Mental satisfaction, joy and appreciation from scholarly individuals, joy to cousins and uncles, with venus gives ability for music.

While malefic or powerless Mercury gives mental illness,  apprehension, skin issues, disturbance in instruction, loss of riches, urinary issues, burglary, fire. In the event that it is in sixth ,eighth or twelfth house, wage, enthusiasm and riches endures. Illnesses like jaundice and ailment may grab hold.

Mahadasha of Jupiter: (16years) :Good and all around set Jupiter gives religious personality and enthusiasm for meeting of Saint, Sathvic individuals or woking for them, confident liberal, accommodating and thoughtful. Conception of good kids, beneficent, pick up from yellow articles, sweet items. He may get to be Minister, instructor, consultant, Judge, Yogi, Philosopher, religious head and so forth.

Though malefic or frail, combust, weakened or in sixth house Jupiter gives terrible aftereffects of setback, stresses, unreligious mind. Change of home, loss of riches and kids, mental strain, ailments like liver issue, growth, jaundice are additionally created.

Mahadasha of Venus:(20years) :If Venus is positive for Lagna, Strong by sign, set in Trine, Kendra (ought not be Kendra master) or eleventh house furthermore put well in Divisional Charts then individual will have addition of riches from business identified with article of Venus. Aesthetic nature, similar to writer, performers, on-screen character, marriage, wife, alluring identity, acknowledgment, new house, welfare of kids, individual go to numerous gathering, religious services, love, gem specialists, fragrances, vehicles.

Though harassed, severely put or terrible for Lagna gives awful results like individual will be indecent, dependent on wine, burns through cash like water & endure a short time later with infections. Resistance and partition from precious ones, inconvenience from female, misfortune in expert status, illnesses of sex, pain from ladies society, loss of business, sicknesses like weakness, urinary, Aids, loss of semen.

Mahadasha of Saturn:(19years) :If Saturn is good for Lagna, Strong by sign, put in Trine, Kendra or eleventh house furthermore put well in Divisional Charts then individual will have addition of riches from business identified with article of Saturn. He will pick up accomplishment through his diligent work, through discouraged, downrotten individuals, for example, Harijans, Negroes, Criminal, Tribes, Kisan, savage individuals, or increase through Muslim, low station individuals, or addition through horticulture, sub-par things, instruction, govt. work, servents, old ladies, Gain from Western bearing.

While harassed, gravely set or with Rahu/Ketu/Mars or terrible for Lagna gives awful result like individual will be indecent, dependent on wine, apathetic, get to be hoodlum, precarious, get mortification, numerous failure, poor, late marriage, burglary, loss of riches, pain of wife & youngsters, detainment, torments, mental stresses, loss of property, cerebral issue, stomach throb, loss of motion, substantial distortion and incessant infections.

Mahadasha of Rahu:(18years) :When Rahu/Ketu set in third, tenth or eleventh house, in worship or benefic sign or PAC with benefic master or in Trine with Kendra ruler or In Kendra with Trine master, the individual will accomplish sudden achievement, influence, power, riches, new house, regal acknowledgment in outside area, gems, contacts with nonnatives, get to be ambassador, do Pilgrimages in life.

While in unfriendly position, individual will have mental stresses, loss of wife, kids, unclean nourishment, moving of spot, enduring, sick wellbeing, disappointment in business, loss of riches, disturbance,  loss of position, trepidation of detainment or outcast in remote nation with numerous torments and hardship, prosecution, obligations, scourge, epilepsy, malignancy, dropsy, sudden assault of illnesses, toxic substance and serpent chomp.

Mahadasha of Ketu:(7years) :Ketu is a significator of Moksha. Ketu in trines or eleventh house is viewed as great on the off chance that it is not harrowed. Ketu in third, sixth or eleventh house gives satisfaction in its dasha and additions from the govt. In benefic sign and vargas, favors from lords, joys from kids and vehicles, pride, bliss from voyaging.


Significations of Surya (Sun) Graha