Externally, Mangal signifies people that execute commands, or exhibit some sort of strength. Trainers, commanders, CEO, generals, or anyone who plays a highly assertive and potentially aggressive role. Also people who deal with fire, heat, machines, intense competition or weapons.

Physically, Mangal relates to the aspects of the body that deal with energy, strength and defense. The digestive fire and metabolic rate, Pitta in general, the muscles, the immune system, production of antibodies and bone marrow.

Internally, Mangal represents our mental strength, assertiveness, boldness, focus, motivation, will, irritability, and aggression.

Qualities signified by Mangal: are strong, intense, assertive, challenging, defending, upholding, resisting, angry, radiant, warm.

Determining what objects are signified by Mangal: Whatever or whoever translates decisions from the decision making entity into action, people and things that are hot, full or energy or dealing with heat. Anything related to engines, motors, or highly mechanical in nature. Anything that has a purpose related to defense or attack.

Rank : Subrahmanya
Color : Short, blood-red
Bhoota : Fire
Nature : Tamasic
Description : Blood-red eyes, fickle-minded, liberal, bilious, given to anger, thin waist, thin body
Dhatu : Marrow
Abode : Place of fire
Time Period : 24 hours
Taste : Bitter
Strong Direction : South
Trees : Bitter trees
Clothes : Red silk
Season : Greeshma
Substance : Dhatu
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