Significations of Rahu Graha in Indian Vedic Astrology

Externally, Rahu Graha signifies people from outside the community, people who are not part of the ordinary social structures, eccentrics, people who are unpredictable and untraceable.

Physically, Rahu would co-signify the same parts as Saturn.

Internally, Rahu Graha represents desires, and the tendency to identify oneself with external objects. It represents impulsive thoughts and behaviour, and the ability to passionately pursue goals in the most crafty ways.

Qualities signified by Rahu: Rahu indicate passionate, impulsive, hard to contain, wild, intelligent, tricky, illusionary, fake, smoky.

Determining what objects are signified by Rahu Graha: Rahu Graha signifies things that are illusionary in nature, or parts that are of foreign nature, not truly fitting in.

Rahu Graha is considered to be a rogue planet. The other name of Rahu is Bhayanaka.Various names are assigned to Rahu in Vedic texts including: the chief, the advisor of the demons, the minister of the demons, ever-angry, the tormentor, bitter enemy of the luminaries, lord of illusions, one who frightens the Sun, the one who makes the Moon lustreless, the peacemaker, the immortal (having drunk the divine nectar), bestower of prosperity and wealth and ultimate knowledge

Details of Rahu Graha

Description : Smoky appearance with a blue-mix physique. He resides in forests and is horrible. He is vata in temperament and is intelligent.
Caste : Outcast/cruel people
Trees : Anthills
Clothes : Multi colored clothes
Taste : Lead
Time Period : 8 months
Substance : Dhatu
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