The Zodiac is a belt of sky stretching out on both sides of the ecliptic. It encompasses the space through which the planets go in their circles. Vedic Astrology utilizes sidereal zodiac, which is not the same as the tropical zodiac utilized as a part of Western Astrology. While the tropical (Western) Astrology utilizes the vernal equinox (the Sun’s position toward the start of spring) as the beginning stage for the estimations along the zodiac, the sidereal (Vedic) Astrology uses altered stars to recognize distinctive fragments along the zodiac.

The beginning stages of the sidereal and tropical zodiacs correspond once at regular intervals. After that the beginning stages separate from one another by a rough 1 level of a circular segment for every each 72 years. The contrast between the longitude of the beginning stages of the sidereal and tropical zodiacs at any given time is called Ayanamsha.
Because of the current debate about the year in which the two beginning stages matched last, there are a few ayanamshas utilized by distinctive schools of Vedic Astrology. Some of them are Lahiri, Krishnamurti, Raman, and Fagan ayanamshas.

Lahiri is the most broadly utilized Ayanamsha which is in view of the last incident point occurring in the year 285 A.D. Lahiri Ayanamsha for the year of a person’s birth in 1991 is – 23:44:26 degrees.

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If he needs to change over his sidereal (Vedic) planetary positions into tropical (Western), he can do as such by adding this ayanamsha to the degrees of the planets in his Vedic outline. To arrive  at the sidereal positions by changing over the tropical ones, he should subtract the ayanamsha from the tropical positions.

For instance, if  a 1991 born person’s Sun is set in 29:57 degrees of the heavenly body of Aries in Vedic graph. When he include the ayanamsha for the year of his birth, which is – 23:44:26 degrees, he will infer the tropical (Western Astrology) horoscope position of Sun which happens to be put in the indication of Taurus.

Consequently, His Jyotish (sidereal) Sun sign is Aries and His Western (tropical) Sun sign is Taurus

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