Out of the numerous brilliant bodies in the sky, ones are altered and ones that move.The foundation of the settled stars is known as the zodiac and is partitioned in particular, unmistakable spaces, called nakshatras. The superb bodies that move are called Grahas (for the absence of a superior word deciphered as “Planets”).

For prescient purposes Jyotish takes a gander at the positions of the planets in connection to the stars in the Zodiac at the season of one’s introduction to the world. These positions uncover how the universe was working at that occasion. As it were, planets are similar to 9 extraordinary measuring focuses from which the whole unobtrusive condition of common law can be measured. At the season of conception, when the body enters the world, this condition of the universe gets anticipated into the structure of the life of a person. In this manner, the states of these nine measuring focuses, the nine planets, characterize the whole life compass of occasions also, circumstances for a person.

The 3 Basic Elements of Vedic Astrology

The 9 Grahas

I simply said nine planets, despite the fact that not every one of them are real planets. Just five of them are planets, one is a star, one is a moon, and the staying two are unique scientific focuses. Everybody is acquainted with the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.The other two elements included into the group are Rahu and Ketu, known as the North and South Lunar nodes.
Rahu and Ketu don’t have physical substance, they are two  numerical focuses that stamp the purpose of crossing point of the plane of the Moon’s circle around  the Earth with the ecliptic plane. Lunar or sun based shrouds happen when the Sun and the Moon are  near one of the hubs. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, we might allude to this gathering of “planets” with a fitting Sanskrit term Grahas.

Each graha (planet) speaks to specific aspects of human life. Customary Vedic crystal gazing does  not consider the impacts of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Here are the names of the grahas in Sanskrit:


Grahas have essential and auxiliary connotations. Here is the rundown of the essential graha implications alloted by the sage Parashara (the creator of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra):

SURYA (Sun) implies the spirit.
CHANDRA (Moon) implies the brain.
MANGALA (Mars) implies vitality.
BUDHA (Mercury) implies discourse.
Master (Jupiter) implies information.
SHUKRA (Venus) implies generation.
SHANI (Saturn) implies melancholy.

The 27 Nakshatras
The zodiac is isolated into 27 Nakshatras, each of indistinguishable size. The first is called Ashwini, also, the others take after from that point. The exceptionally same zodiac is likewise partitioned in an alternate manner: into 12 Rashis (zodiacal signs). Out of the 12 signs, the particular case that is ascending in the East at the season of  conception is of specific significance. It is called Lagna (Ascendant) and it is utilized as the primary point of reference in breaking down the outline.


The grahas (planets) are continually traveling through the Zodiac. The circle of the Zodiac is partitioned into 12 equivalent fragments called groups of stars or rashis (signs). Each rashi (sign) involves 30 degrees of the divine space. Each of the rashis (signs) has a special arrangement of traits that influence any graha (planet) going through that sign. The signs are situations that influence the way a planet feels and carries on.
Here are the 12 rashis (signs) recorded in their common request:
1. ARIES (Mesha)
2. TAURUS (Vrishabha)
3. GEMINI (Mithuna)
4. CANCER (Karka)
5. LEO (Simha)
6. VIRGO (Kanya)
7. LIBRA (Tula)
8. SCORPIO (Vrishika)
10. CAPRICORN (Makara)
11. AQUARIUS (Kumbha)
12. PISCES (Meena)

Rashi rulerships

Each rashi (sign) has its specific planetary ruler. The Sun and the Moon standard more than one sign every, while whatever is left of the grahas hold rulership more than two signs. Customarily, Rahu and Ketu are considered not to hold rulership over any signs, albeit, a few crystal gazers consider Rahu what’s more, Ketu to co-guideline the indications of Aquarius and Scorpio individually. The sign rulerships are a perpetual quality.
ARIES (Mesha) is ruled by Mars.
TAURUS (Vrishabha) is ruled by Venus.
GEMINI (Mithuna) is ruled by Mercury.
CANCER (Karka) is ruled by the Moon.
LEO (Simha) is ruled by the Sun.
VIRGO (Kanya) is ruled by Mercury.
LIBRA (Tula) is ruled by Venus.
SCORPIO (Vrishika) is ruled by Mars.
SAGITTARIUS (Dhanu) is ruled by Jupiter.
CAPRICORN (Makara) is ruled by Saturn.
AQUARIUS (Kumbha) is ruled by Saturn.
PISCES (Meena) is ruled by Jupiter.

The 12 Bhavas

The Zodiac is isolated in one all the more way. With respect to the position of the Earth, the zodiac is isolated into 12 bhavas (houses). Generally as the best possible movement of planets is reflected by their degree positions in rashis (signs), the diurnal (illusionary, relative movement of the planets as seen from the Earth) movement of the planets is indicated by their position in visionary houses. The houses speak to the different regions of life. The planets and signs that possess the comparing bhavas (houses) will influence those territories of life. The twelve bhavas (houses)
speak to the totality of the presence as experienced by a person.
Here are the primary connotations of every house:
The First House speaks to the Self.
The Second House speaks to your monetary resources.
The Third House speaks to bravery.
The Fourth House speaks to bliss.
The Fifth House speaks to your kids.
The Sixth House speaks to your foes.
The Seventh House speaks to your mate.
The Eighth House speaks to your helpless focuses.
The Ninth House speaks to your fortune.
The Tenth House speaks to you’re profession.
The Eleventh House speaks to your pay.
The Twelfth House speaks to the end of everything.

As of Now, You have been Acquainted with three Basic Elements of Vedic Astrology:
the Grahas (Planets), the Rashis (signs), and the Bhavas (Houses).

The positions of the planets in the signs and houses are delineated in what is known as the Horoscope. Assessment and comprehension of the intuitive impacts of these three primary components constitutes the understanding of your horoscope

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