May 12, 2020. our interest strengthens in attention to details, work, health, and problem-solving, dear Capricorn. Small jobs and duties are in stronger focus. You are less inclined to think about the bigger picture or to do long-term planning as you zero in on your daily affairs and routines. Today’s Mercury-Saturn trine grounds you, and while today and the next few days are best left to observe than decide, this aspect does incline you to think in realistic terms. It’s easy to spot the most valuable details, and it’s an excellent time to give particular thought to constructive pursuits. Work-related strategies and organization can be very successful today but keep in mind that your mind can change on matters soon, so plan with a flexible mind. Logical answers to questions satisfy now, and you seek out reliable results and substantial progress. You may be giving special thought to constructive pursuits. Even if it’s only in your mind or something is in a planning stage, you’ll find that organizing your thinking is soothing now.

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