The 10th sign is Makara (Capricorn). Parashara describes Makara as follows:
“It has Shani as the lord and has predominance of Tamo guna (a disposition seen in demons). It is an earthy rashi and represents the southern direction. It is strong at night, and rises from the back. It has a large body. Its complexion is variegated and it resorts to both forests and lands. Its first half is quadruped and its second half moves in water, without a foot.”

Shani (Saturn) is the ruler and Makara is movable, earthy, and female. Shani has qualities of patience, endurance and slow but steady progress. The movable side of Makara is contrasting mobile as compared to Shani.
The symbol of the sign is a crocodile with the upper body of a goat. The crocodile part stands for the patience and endurance, and the goat part grafted on top of it stands for the mobility, and the somewhat stubborn nature of the sign.

People with a prominent Makara are industrious, and hard working. They are ambitious but patient in reaching their goals. They are likely to travel, or move around in one way or another

Dhanu (Sagittarius) Rashi
Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi