May 04, 2020 – May 10, 2020. This week might see Leo business owners focusing on increasing their sales, overshadowing all other priorities. Those who are working in government opportunities might come across a lucrative opportunity this week, to make a long term deal. Employees in day jobs might be pressed for time, and their boss might push them for more work. Students in tertiary education may have razor-sharp attention and may see their progress rapidly move forward. However, those in higher education may need to be aware of distractions. This week may herald financial stability for the Leo. Entrepreneurs may need to focus on developing their endeavors. Lovers who are planning to get married might do well to wait. There may be some difficulties for already married couples, who might do well to practice restraint. Some cozy time spent together might go a long way in bringing lovers closer and dispelling harmony. This might be the ideal time to start a physical fitness routine. Beware of some unexpected injury that might occur during this period.

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