The typical Sagittarius rising Ascendant personality loves religion and philosophy, but may be overly conservative in these matters. Active, enthusiastic, and enterprising, these individuals may also be somewhat nervous. They are extremely honest and even humble by nature, despising hypocrisy and superficiality. They often have good control over their emotions and sensual desires.

The following table shows how the 12 Bhavas (houses) are aligned with 12 Rashis (signs) for Sagittarius.

House No. Sign Name Sign Properties Unique effect for Sagittarius Lagna
1. Sagittarius Jupiter, Dual, Fire Religious and philosophical by nature.
2. Capricorn Saturn, Movable, Earth Practical and conservative in money matters.
3. Aquarius Saturn, Fixed, Air Slow, but innovative in taking new directions.
4. Pisces Jupiter, Dual, Water Tender feelings for home and family.
5. Aries Mars, Movable, Fire Sharp and lively intellect.
6. Taurus Venus, Fixed, Earth Will respond mildly when provoked.
7. Gemini Mercury, Dual, Air Attracts partners who are more playful and carefree.
8. Cancer Moon, Movable, Water Emotionally sensitive.
9. Leo Sun, Fixed, Fire Proud in maintaining proper dharma.
10. Virgo Mercury, Dual, Earth Detail-oriented work that involves service.
11. Libra Venus, Movable, Air Gains through trade. Care free friends.
12. Scorpio Mars, Fixed, Water May lose on account of being overly protective or too suspicious.
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