The Libra Ascendants have a reputation of being too submerged in sensuality, but they are also quick-witted, forceful, and skilled at observing human nature with clarity. They are idealistic rather than practical, and the power of their ideals may wield a great, perhaps even hypnotic, influence over others. In such cases, it is difficult to reason with them. Due to the influence of Venus, they appreciate beauty and love music and arts.

The following table shows how the 12 Bhavas (houses) are aligned with 12 Rashis (signs) for Libra.

House No. Sign Name Sign Properties Unique effect for Libra Lagna
1. Libra Venus, Movable, Air Interested in relationships, psychology, and pleasure.
2. Scorpio Mars, Fixed, Water Tends to accumulate fixed assets such as real estate.
3. Sagittarius Jupiter, Dual, Fire Good entrepreneurial skills.
4. Capricorn Saturn, Movable, Earth Not very attached to home and relatives.
5. Aquarius Saturn, Fixed, Air Philosophical inclinations.
6. Pisces Jupiter, Dual, Water Problems related to having children. Good at resolving disputes.
7. Aries Mars, Movable, Fire Attracts active and energetic partners.
8. Taurus Venus, Fixed, Earth Has a hard time being settled for too long.
9. Gemini Mercury, Dual, Air Can be superficial about religious or spiritual values.
10. Cancer Moon, Movable, Water Prefers to work in gentle and emotionally comfortable settings.
11. Leo Sun, Fixed, Fire Strong and willful friends.
12. Virgo Mercury, Dual, Earth Pays too little attention to detail.
Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant)
Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant)