The 12 Houses/Bhavas of a Vedic horoscope manage every single possible part of Human life. The most critical of all houses is the Lagna bhava or the First house. The remaining houses are essentially identified with the first house only. The Signification of Houses are as:

1st House(Lagna) : first house or somewhere in the vicinity called Lagna/Tanu Bhava, is the most critical of the considerable number of houses.It decides the body, head, life span, work, sound wellbeing, essentialness, character and nature of the local. appearance, nature, general joy.

2nd House :This house is likewise called ‘Dhan/Kutumb’ Bhava.It manages cash matters, riches, fake items, salary charge, traditions, PCs. It speaks to one’s family and face, companions, discourse, tongue, nourishment propensities and left eye, gathered cash or profitable things like gems, valuable stones, sustenance, discourse, life span of mate or life span of marriage (being eight house from the seventh house), passing, right eye.

3rd House :It is likewise Called Bhratra/Parikarma’ Bhava.

It is the place of siblings and sisters. It connotes ears, physical development or advancement, strength, mental insecurity, intensity, valor, co-borns (more youthful siblings and sisters), endeavors, short excursions, intrinsic ability, compositions, open aptitude, life span of folks, hirelings, companions, neighbors, reason of death, right ear, shoulder and arms, close connection, short trips, pastime and throat.

One is made artist by this house only.

4th House :It is likewise called ‘Matra/Sukh’ Bhava

This house speaks to training, character, mother, homeland, house, mental peace, vehicles,residence, parental house, property, lands, transports, cows, solaces or extravagances, residential bliss, joy of all shorts, masses, parliament, calling of the life partner, mid-section especially lungs, travel, false charge and Vedic writings & Shastras.

5th House :This house is additionally called as “Putra” Bhava

It speaks to kids, fellowship, insight, training, astuteness, bent, learning of sacred writings, mantras, feelings, poise, tumble from status, change or break in calling, collected Karama of past life, upper stomach area, hypothesis and relationships.

6th House :This house is called ‘Shatru/Ari’ Bhava

It is the place of sicknesses, snags, sick wellbeing, foe, ailments, question, lawful cases, misfortune (eighth from the eleventh place of increases), mischances, dread, stamina ot battle back, troubles, rivalries, battle, maternal uncle, obligations or advances, administration inclination, contract, household pets, waist, detainment and brutal exercises, digestive framework, squabbles and occupations done by hand.

7th House :Also called ‘Kalatra/Jaya’ Bhava

It speaks to mate (life accomplice), marriage, business, business accomplice or livelihood in a private firm, business, exchanging, adventure, accomplishment of position or post (tenth from the tenth house), open picture, burglary, demise, lower midriff, urinary track, sexual organs and ailments thereof.

8th House:Also Called ‘Ayu/Mrityu’ Bhava

It speaks to life span, demise, spot and method of death, underground riches, disrespect or annihilation, sin, recorded things and landmarks, sudden fall, mystery part or part of life, abundance of the life partner, disfavor, break or change, strangeness, legacy, alteration in the wedded life, contention, organ of excreation, mischances, parental property, absence of movement, pitiless acts, disaster protection, mining and butt.

9th House :Also Called ‘Bhagya/Dharma’ Bhava

It speaks to journey, love of God, fatherly property, father, luckiness, religious bent, master or expert, abroad voyages, sisters or siblings of companion, thighs, higher studies like doctorate, long trips, Vedic customs, dialects, fantastic folks, philanthropy, crowning ceremony and mental fitness towards Yoga.

10th House :This house is called “Karma” Bhava

It speaks to occupation or expert perfection, wellspring of business, administration, government, legislative issues, administration, mother of companion, the demonstrations one does, restraint, droning of hallowed Mantras, thighs and knees.

11th House :eleventh house is called ‘Labha/Gains’ Bhava

It speaks to wellsprings of pay, benefits, picks up, accomplishments, respects, titles, senior siblings sisters, mishaps (6th from 6th house), companion of the first tyke (seventh from the fifth), left ear, legs, great returns, looking longings, fatherly uncle, companion’s circle and knee.

12th House :The place of misfortune and costs is called “Vyaya” Bhava

It speaks to aggravated rest, unfortunate propensities, hospitalization, correctional facility, use on great or awful record, venture, misfortune, remote nation, last liberation, bed delights, free sexual coexistence, partition, renunciation, imprisonment, left eye, feet, help from obligations, debate, long excursions and journeys, fare and import, feet and left eye.

Mahadasha Effects On The Basis Of House:
Singha Lagna (Leo Ascendant)