Insights of Singha Lagna Jatakas or Leo Ascendants in Vedic Astrology

Like the Aries Ascendants, Leo Ascendant has a fiery disposition which creates courage and a strong sense of purpose, but which also increases anger and gives rise to a hot temper. Leo rising people are often ambitious as well but may have to struggle to realize their objectives. They are typically cheerful, warm-hearted, sincere, and somewhat conservative. They often have a passion for the acquisition of knowledge. Happy married life is typically delayed, or the partner is somewhat distant – in age, culture, or physically.

The following table shows how the 12 Bhavas (houses) are aligned with 12 Rashis (signs) for Leo.

House No. Sign Name Sign Properties Unique effect for Leo Lagna
1. Leo Sun, Fixed, Fire Proud, dignified, and strong.
2. Virgo Mercury, Dual, Earth Good at keeping track of finances.
3. Libra Venus, Movable, Air Courage is displayed with grace.
4. Scorpio Mars, Fixed, Water Territorial and protective of home.
5. Sagittarius Jupiter, Dual, Fire Active learner, wise, and insightful.
6. Capricorn Saturn, Movable, Earth Practical and capable of problem solving.
7. Aquarius Saturn, Fixed, Air Partners may be foreign, or emotionally distant.
8. Pisces Jupiter, Dual, Water Dislike for water and unrealistic thinking.
9. Aries Mars, Movable, Fire Active pursuit of dharma.
10. Taurus Venus, Fixed, Earth Fixed and practical ambitions, prefers comfortable activities.
11. Gemini Mercury, Dual, Air Communication with society and groups is easy.
12. Cancer Moon, Movable, Water Nurturing qualities are not easily expressed.
Significance of House/Bhava
Vrischika Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant)