The first Rashi is Mesha (Aries). Parashara describes Mesha as follows:

     “The complexion of Aries is blood-red. It has a prominent (big) body. It is a quadruped sign and strong during the night. It denotes courage. It resides in the East, and is related to kings. It wanders in the hills and it’s predominant guna is Rajasic. It rises with it’s back and is fiery. It’s ruler is Mangal“.

Mesha is ruled by Mars which represents strength, and is a male and movable sign. Mesha represents the head of the kalapurusha. Mesha has a great ability to mobilize energy, to apply strength with agility and mobility.

The symbol of Mesha is a ram. A Ram is a fiery, strong, mobile, headstrong animal, that captures the spirit of Mesha. A person who has Mesha prominent in their chart, will therefore tend to have a reddish complexion, function well at night, is strong and courageous, has a large body but yet is mobile and likes to wander around. Such a person likes to explore and start new things.

Traits of the Rashis (Signs)
Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi