Each Rashi has a symbol associated with it. The symbol is a visualization of the nature of the sign, and helps in understanding the qualities and tendencies of the sign in question. The symbols are chosen by the ancient rishis to represent the qualities of the signs as closely as possible. The qualities of the sign are not derived from the symbols, the symbols are based on the qualities! Therefore, do not try to over-interpret the meaning of the symbols.

In the classical Vedic Astrology literature, the zodiac is depicted as the body of Shri Vishnu, the personification of time, also referred to as the kalapurusha. Each Rashi represents one of the bodyparts.Each sign is ruled by one of the Grahas. This relationship between a sign and it’s planetary ruler is extremely important, and plays a prime role in the analysis of the chart. The odd signs are male, and the even signs are female. Male signs represent a more masculine, bold and assertive quality, while female signs are more feminine, gentle and supportive in nature

Table Showing the Traits or Characteristics of Rashis(Signs) With Lords & Gender

Sanskrit name English name Limb of


Ruler Gender classification
Mesha Aries Head Mangal Male Movable
Vrishabh Taurus Face and throat Shukra Female Fixed
Mithuna Gemini Neck, shoulders, arms Budha Male Dual
Karka Cancer chest Chandra Female Movable
Simha Leo Upper part of the abdomen Surya Male Fixed
Kanya Virgo Middle part of the


Budha Female Dual
Tula Libra Lower part of the abdomen Shukra Male Movable
Vrischika Scorpio Anus and genitals Mangal Female Fixed
Dhanu Sagittarius Thighs Guru Male Dual
Makara Capricorn Knees Shani Female Movable
Kumbha Aquarius Calves Shani Male Fixed
Meena Pisces feet Guru Female Dual
The Rashis (Signs)
Mesha (Aries) Rashi Know about Aries