The second sign is Vrishabha (Taurus). Parashara describes Vrishabha as follows:

     “It’s complexion is white, and is lorded by Venus. It is long and is a quadruped sign. It has strength at night and resides in the South. It represents villages and businessmen. It is an earthy sign and rises with it’s back.”

Vrishabha is ruled by Venus, the Graha for comfort and enjoyments. Vrishabha is a fixed, earthy and female sign. Altogether it represents a very steady and grounded quality, attracted to material values and comforts. It combines very sturdy qualities with harmonious relations.

The symbol of Vrishabha is a bull (a gentle one), and is descriptive of it’s qualities.   Cows are peaceful and do not move around a lot. They have prominent necks and prefer the comfort of the meadow above rocky or uneven terrains. They stick together in a herd. A person who has a prominent Vrishabha in their chart, will enjoy being with other people, and have steady and reliable social relations. Building up a foundation for material comforts, and accumulating possessions in one form or another is likely to be important. Such people are generally tall with well built shoulders or a strong neck. The quality of Earth and Venus combines to a pleasant and calm type of personality

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