Basically Astrology is a science by which we can calculate happenings of Past,Present and Future life of human beings.We know that by the attraction of Earth and Gravitational Force of Moon there is high tide and low tide in the ocean.During the day the Earth rotates 180 degree in 12 hours.The Moon rotates 6 degree around the earth in 12 hours. Moons Gravitational Force pulls water in the ocean so that there is  bulges in the ocean and it is experienced in coastal areas.Therefore the Moon has a power, of balancing water level in the  human body also, as the water level in human is approximately 75 percent and balance are different type elements. Sun is the most important planet which gives us heat and solar energy to our earth for changing the cycle of climate and by its power all living creature on this earth spending their life. Without the power of sun no living creature can alive on this earth.Every creature is on a time scale staring from his birth to death. When we take birth the Astrology starts from that time. A CHILD BORN AT ANY PLACE MUST HAVE CERTAIN DATE,TIME AND PLACE.By this data the future of that child can be forecast by definitely with Astrological calculation and prediction.

What is Vedic Astrology?

The Vedic Astrology is being followed in India where where Moon is important for calculation from very ancient time ,where as in Western Astrology, Sun is important. There are other methods of Astrology i.e. Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian, African,Arabian also . When we born we are on a time frame and all the planets are moving and their position changes according to change of time and leads auspicious and inauspicious results on the life of human beings. The significant discovery of Astrology is transformation  of Horoscope.

According to Indian Acidic Astrology the 12 houses of Horoscope represents the whole aspects of life of Human beings.

First house is ascendant represent the nature of person while 2nd house represents the wealth volume of the person . 3rd house represent the relation with brother and and sister while 4th house represent relation with friends,mother, condition of, land,house ,own vehicle etc.5th house represent self education, relation with own son,daughter. 6th house represent the enemy action and reaction,while 8th house represent illness,death of the person. 9th house represents religious activity and luck of the person while 10th house represents the profession or job of the person. The 11th house represent the income while 12th house represent the expanses, traveling and other aspect of life.

With correct data of any person [Latitude & Longitude of Birth Place,Time,Date of Birth],Astrology is an important tool to predict fortune and discovery of future happenings of that person.A Person can choose appropriate Career Guidance,Avoid Health Ailments & can to take remedial measures against any future incident.

Basic Properties of Grahas ग्रह (Planets)
Spiritual significance of the Grahas