I have already Highlighted the Basic Properties of grahas(Planets) and Here I am Going to Throw Light on Spiritual Significance of the Grahas that affect the Life of Individual in each and every aspect.

Surya (the Sun) represents the Soul, so it tells us how conscious we are of our soul’s unbounded, enlightened nature. A Sun that is very well placed in the chart can indicate a particular clarity about spiritual matters, and an unperturbed sense of who we are deep inside. Having this “solar light” shining brightly brings self-confidence, personal power, leadership and health. When Surya is in a challenging position, this light will not shine as much, and it is hard for the individual to trust that the core of their being is the individualized reflection of the divine light. Not experiencing the connection with one’s own inner source of power will then lead to a weak self confidence, challenging relationships with authorities, and difficulty in balancing one’s ego with that of others.

Chandra (the Moon) represents our mind and mother. The condition of the Moon in the chart will show how enlightened we are in experiencing the Divine Mother within us, how clearly we can feel that our ability to nurture and empathize with others is unbounded and unlimited, and how brightly our mind can shine in sensitivity and comprehension. A person with a very well-placed Moon will feel the world is bright under any circumstance, will be able to experience the world as a place that is nourishing and supporting, and therefore be the same to the world him/herself. When Chandra is challenged, the mind will have shadows and dark corners, and fear that there is a shortage of support to carry us through, blocks our eyes from seeing the Divine Mother shine for us and through us

Mangala (Mars) represents energy, so it tells us how connected we are to the immense warmth of our cosmic light source. A well placed Mars will let the person experience plenty of energy, flowing warmly, protecting and replenishing. The person brings light wherever action, strategy, or bold moves are needed. A poorly conditioned Mars makes it challenging to see the light in situations of conflict or lack of energy. The connection with nature’s unbounded energy is experienced less easily, less often or less clearly.

Budha (Mercury) represents speech and power of discernment, and reveals the degree of light shining through our intellectual mind, how clearly we can see connections and express our thoughts. A well placed Mercury will produce a radiant mind, and a “happy go lucky” quality in the person. The person can literally shine light on any confusing situation and lighten people’s hearts in the process. A Mercury in a challenging position will make the person feel as if cut off from the source of mental light, and easily experience struggles and darkness when trying to
understand logic and gain mental clarity. Expressing feelings and articulating thoughts seem to take a lot of effort as if there is too little light to see inside one’s own mind

Guru (Jupiter) represents happiness, knowledge and expansion. Guru shows how much of the ever-expanding nature of light a person has working through them. A favorably placed Jupiter brings the awareness that as children of this light that shines in all directions, everything in life is supposed to grow, expand and be understood. Learning and teaching and supporting the spread of knowledge is natural and spontaneous for such people.A Jupiter that is unfavorably placed will make the person feel these areas are not easy, and passing on the light of knowledge comes with hardship and limitations. Such people feel disconnected from the expansive nature of our true spiritual essence.

Shukra (Venus) represents the harmony and beauty of life that helps us enjoy everything else. The condition of Venus in the chart reveals how connected we are with the perfectly harmonious and beautiful nature of consciousness, which maintains complete balance of life extremes in perfect symmetry and grace. A well placed Venus will make the person want to see that beauty and grace everywhere, sustain it, spread it, create it. For such a person, intimate relations are a natural extension of what they perceive as their spiritual essence, and enjoyment is effortless. When Venus is not well placed, the person will need to learn how to let harmony be present, and how to appreciate and create balance. They can only experience love and healthy intimacy in certain situations, or at certain times, and need to invest energy in expanding those boundaries.

Shani (Saturn) represents grief, symbolic of how we relate to time. When time seems to pass too
slowly, we experience grief. The condition of Saturn in the chart shows how permanent, eternal, and synchronized our connection with the light of consciousness is, being with us at even the most challenging times. A well placed Saturn shows the person knows when to go slow and when to go fast, to always let this light be there for them. By acknowledging the limits of where light can go in our relative existence, we can still maintain the experience of beings of light. A challenging Saturn will allow the person to stray off limits, where no light can reach and suffering prevails. Without Saturn being bright, the person may wonder if things will ever be okay again.

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